Wealth Associates South Africa, established in 2005, is the holding company of a group of highly regarded, hand selected, inter-dependent financial advisory Firms.

Wealth Associates SA (Pty) Ltd is a Financial Services Group consisting of Partner and Affiliate Brokerages, who specialise in Life Assurance, Investment, Retirement, Health Care, Employee Benefits and Short Term Insurance.

Who Is Wealth Associates Asset Management

With investments, risk simply reflects a level of uncertainty. That is, the higher the risk of an investment, the less certain the outcome. Achieving returns much lower than expected may have negative consequences to an investor.

The sole purpose of the Wealth Associates Flagship Range is to ensure that our clients are compensated over time for the uncertainties of investing.

Significant strides that have been made in portfolio construction and Wealth Associates have adopted an approach that blends the experience we have built up over the years with global leading-edge technology.

The Flagship Portfolios

The Flagship Range is uniquely available to advisors within the Wealth Associates Group. Our solutions were designed from the outset to be both simple and sophisticated, with each of our four portfolios possessing well-defined characteristics.

As a group, we bring together the critical ingredients to achieving superior wealth management solutions -a rigorous advice capability combined with a robust investment process.

The willingness AND ability to take risk differs from one investor to the next. Needs vary, as do circumstances.

The Flagship Range was designed to ensure that an appropriate investment solution exists to match an investors specific requirements.