Financial Planning


At Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions we believe in comprehensive tailor made Financial Planning solutions, geared to your specific needs as our client.

Financial Planning broadly encompasses the following 2 areas, Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection.

Both areas are necessarily inter-connected and so should ideally be addressed together within an analysis of your financial needs.

Wealth Creation

Creation of wealth entails the implementation of techniques for the optimisation and utilisation of existing income streams and/or existing assets in such a way that it increases the net worth of a client and/or that client’s family over a period of time whilst he or she is still economically active.

A comprehensive needs analysis will be done on:

•Retirement Planning

•Investment Savings

•Wealth Management

•Portfolio Management

•Retirement Preservation

Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection involves assessing your exposure to risk and then managing that risk. Once assessed the risk of our clients are mitigated using the below techniques. Wealth Protection is all about protecting your current accumulated wealth AND your ability to earn wealth in the future.

A comprehensive needs analysis will be done on:

•Capital and income needs in the event of death, disability or dread disease.

•Issues that must be addressed include: repayment of capital amounts, replacement of income, provision for last expenses,etc.

•Short-term insurance needs,

•Medical Aid needs.

Our Financial Planners

Mauritz van den Heever ,CFP®

Managing Director, Financial Planner & Wealth Manager

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Jeremy John Squier ,CFP®

Financial Advisor

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Chris Kilfoil

Financial Advisor

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Sabra Hopkins-Squier

Financial Advisor

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Andrea Lazzari

Financial Advisor

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Martin Gericke

Financial Advisor

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Tyrone Jessie Hennings

Wealth Manager

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Lemming Musuwa

Financial Advisor

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Marc Squier

Financial Advisor

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