September 19, 2019

Are performance fees on your investments ever justifiable?

Several of the larger South African Asset Managers persist with the practice of charging performance fees over and above their base fee for constructing and […]
September 19, 2019

Issues to Consider when Buying into a Sectional Title Scheme

Introduction This article will look at issues that any buyer in a Sectional Title Scheme should consider before purchasing. Once you have signed your sale contract, […]
September 19, 2019

Discovery Health’s 2020 medical aid increases

Members can expect to pay up to 11% more …. Total monthly contributions for plans in the Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS) will increase by between […]
September 19, 2019

The benefits of consulting with a healthcare adviser

In the next two months, medical schemes will announce changes in pricing and offerings for the year ahead, and often these options can make choosing […]
August 22, 2019

The Invention of Money

In three centuries, the heresies of two bankers became the basis of our modern economy. When the Venetian merchant Marco Polo got to China, in […]
August 22, 2019

How to determine a building’s insurance value

In estimating the replacement cost of a building, many will refer to a construction guide such as the Property & Construction Handbook published by AECOM. […]
August 22, 2019

The ‘business side’ of marriage

With wedding season fast approaching, countless soon-to-be-brides across the country are rushing to pin down the final touches for their special day. However, amid painstaking […]
August 22, 2019


WHY IS A WILL SO IMPORTANT? If your client doesn’t have a Will or if he/she has an outdated one, this is a good time […]
July 25, 2019

Time really is money

Pay it forward or pay it ‘backward’ … saving R1 050 a month at 8% interest will give you R30 000 in just over two […]