About Us

About The Company

At Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions, we are in the business of serving people.

Our core purpose is to help our valued clients to create new wealth and to protect their accumulated wealth. 

Whilst wealth means different things to different people, those people who attain their wealth objectives find themselves in a considerably better position to live happy and fulfilled lives, than are those who do not.

Mission Statement

We are passionate about our relationship based approach to business which allows us to form meaningful and long lasting relationships with our clients.

This approach allows us to fully understand the unique and often changing needs of our clients and to create ‘Bespoke’ solutions to meet these specific needs.

The Team

Mauritz van den Heever ,CFP®

Managing Director, Financial Advisor & Wealth Manager

072 199 1749

Mauritz started his career with Sasfin Securities in 2005 and subsequently moved to Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions in 2007. Mauritz practices as a wealth manager at Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions, specializing in wealth management, retirement planning, portfolio structuring, risk management and estate planning.

Download: Mauritz van den Heever - Disclosure of Statutory Information

B.Com Investment Management, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Diploma in Business Management, RE 1 and RE 5 regulatory exams

Jeremy Squier ,CFP®

Financial Advisor

083 444 6842

Jeremy started his career in the Financial Planning Industry in 1989 as an Agency Manager with Liberty Life. He subsequently spent 12 years with Sage as a Manager and Executive Financial Planner in their Executives Agency branch. Jeremy became an Independent broker in 2003 and established the Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions brand and philosophy. Jeremy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the Financial Planning Industry over the years and in addition to being the managing director of the company, offers comprehensive Life Assurance, Estate Planning, Investment Planning and Retirement Solutions as well as many other value added services offered to clients.

Download: Jeremy Squier - Disclosure of Statutory Information

B.Com (Rhodes), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and Postgraduate Diploma in Investments (UOFS), RE1, RE3 and RE5 Regulatory Exams

Chris Kilfoil

Financial Advisor

083 310 0652

Chris started his career in the auditing profession with Deloittes and over the years moved into Senior Financial management roles with amongst others, Gillette and Sage/Momentum. Chris joined the Financial Planning ranks with Momentum in 2006 and joined Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions in 2007 as a Financial Planner. Chris utilizes his considerable experience as a Financial Manager in the corporate world to good effect in understanding and providing broad spectrum financial planning solutions to his clients.

Download: Chris Kilfoil - Disclosure of Statutory Information

B.Compt.Hons Accounting Sciences, RE 1 and RE5 Regulatory exams

Sabra Squier

Financial Advisor & Medical Aid Consultant

083 659 1898

Sabra started her career in the Financial Services Industry in 1996 as an agent with Sage Life (now Momentum). Sabra’s experience straddles consulting to clients on Medical schemes, Life, Disability and Dread Disease needs and Investment goals through to retirement. This experience gives Sabra the ability to offer abroad spectrum of financial planning services including Estate Planning, drawing up & revising Wills to Life Assurance, Investments & Retirement Savings. Sabra’s unique speciality within the Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions practice lays providing Medical Aid & Gap Cover solutions for Individuals & Groups in the SME space.

Download: Sabra Squier - Disclosure of Statutory Information

Certificate with Distinction in Financial Planning from Damelin, RE1 and RE5 regulatory exams)

Andrea Lazzari

Financial Advisor, Short Term & Medical Aid Consultant

072 412 8580

Andrea started his career in the industry in September 2010, specializing in Medical Aid and Gap cover new business and servicing. Andrea moved to Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions in July of 2011 and since then his scope has grown from solely Medical Aid new business to include Short Term Commercial and Personal policies as well as Life Insurance and Investment planning.

Download: Andrea Lazzari - Disclosure of Statutory Information

B.Com Business Management, RE5 regulatory exams

Michelle Vivian

Short Term Consultant

083 568 3262

Michelle began her career in the industry in March 2011 as an administrative assistant to one of the top financial planners in Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions. Her ambitions drove her to take on a sales position within the Short Term department. She is now the manager of Short Term Insurance department of Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions.

Download: Michelle Vivian - Disclosure of Statutory Information

B.Com Marketing Management, RE5 regulatory exams

Noreen Mtandwa

Short Term Consultant

073 937 3397

Noreen started her career with Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions in 2015 as a specialist claims handler. Noreen has since moved into underwriting and para-planning as one of our senior staff members in the short term department. Noreen is highly skilled and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to short term products

Download: Noreen Mtandwa - Disclosure of Statutory Information

Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management, Bcom Management RE5

Lemming Musuwa

Financial Advisor

078 569 6122

Lemming started working in financial planning when he joined the Wealth Associates group with AJM asset Management in 2016 as a para-planner. He subsequently moved to Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions in 2017 to act as the senior paraplanner. Lemming is currently working as a Financial planner and teams up with other financial planners in servicing clients whilst in the process of attaining financial advisory experience.

Download: Lemming Musuwa - Disclosure of Statutory Information

BBA Finance Postgraduate Diploma In Finance Postgraduate Diploma In Financial planning RE 5

Marc Squier

Financial Advisor & Short Term Consultant

076 743 1816

Marc started his career with Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions in August 2020 after 3 years in marketing positions and 2.5 years teaching in Vietnam. He specialises in wellness based financial advice, encompassing all aspects of Wealth creation and Wealth protection. He looks to provide evidence based, simplified financial solutions and thereby create financial independence for his clients.

Download: Marc Squier - Disclosure of Statutory Information

Class of Business- long term insurance
PGDip Financial Planning, BCom Financial Management, CFP, AGA (SA)
Certificate in Financial Planning, RE1 and RE5 Regulatory Exams
RE5 Regulatory Exams